Scalebud AuV3

Every time I close and re open a session where I’ve Scalebud AuV3 within the midi effects plugin tab. The notes change back to its default setting for every instance this really sucks. Pls fix!


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    Thanks @StudioES

    Great work - and it's nice to have confirmation this isn't a bm3 bug.


    To the OP, @urbancinemabeatz :

    When an AUv3 plugin acts strange inside any DAW/host, it is rare that the host is actually to blame. Usually it's a bug with the plugin, especially if it only happens when running more than one instance.

    You're always welcome to post the problem here and ask if others have experienced it, but please don't just assume the fault is with BM3 and demand a fix.

  • Thanks @StudioES and @tk32 for both being prompt in shedding light on this issue. I’ll definitely be contacting the developer. You’re right also @tk32 I’ll approach the situation differently and in a more positive manner in the future. Thanks.

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