adjusting semitones in sequencer mode

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I am new to beatmaker and to this forum, so if this issue has been previously addressed, I apologize.

Is it possible to hear the adjustment of semitones in the sequencer mode while changing + or - without playing or looping the pattern? It gets old having to toggle the transport and pitch control views and hear the loop repeated while trying to adjust one note at a time... It would drastically help with creating melodies if I could hear the tones while I was adjusting them without all the extra noise... instead of guessing and waiting for the loop to start over to hear if I have it right.

Does this make sense? I want the pad to play back current values every time I make an adjustment to pitch. So if I have a C note and I adjust + 2 semitones, It would then immediately play a D... without bringing up the transport.

A piano roll would sure be nice...

Great software! No complaints, just hope for a few updates.


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    Also, have you noticed that if you tune your pads in the pad editor that the pitch shift function no longer adjusts properly by semitone? Try it out. Make a chromatic scale in the sequencer, and then adjust your sample in the pads editor and see what happens. The more you adjust your sample up or down from it's original pitch, the more screwed up your scale will get (as opposed to just transposing the scale up or down).

    I wish this problem would get fixed, or at least noticed. Over the course of the last few months I've mentioned it a number of times an sent an e-mail as well, but as far I know intua is still unaware of the issue.
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    Yeah, I was noticing that... The ability to transpose your scale would be nice.

    There have been so many good requests on here, such as - piano roll, pad banks, etc... I suggested having a piano roll feature as well...
    But there are many valid points why the full blown piano roll might not work so great. I completely agree.
    This is a pattern based sampler, not a linear recording program.

    So in my opinion, one of two things need to happen:
    1.) Create another pad bank.
    2.) Integrate an additional app. Something that lets you tune the samples easier and has wav export direct to beatmaker. (Maybe this is what does?)

    <!-- s:arrow: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_arrow.gif" alt=":arrow:" title="Arrow" /><!-- s:arrow: --> ... by the way, has anyone used It looks... interesting. Can you export to wav?
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