Automation Bugs 🐜 🐛 🕷 - Video

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3 Bugs...

1.) when splitting patterns automation is not moved on the newly generated pattern
2.) merging patterns does not merge automation
3.) automation display does not refresh when selecting patterns via ‘pattern selector thingy’ (what is the upper left window called again?)


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    Edited the video down as I had a case of the tired friday night rambles. Should be lean n mean now.,.

  • Great work @Audiogus

    I only knew about bug #2 before watching your video

    As @StudioES said, we'll do our very best to bring this to the attention of @vincent - but I'm sure the video will really help :+1:

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    @Audiogus. Aka mr Bug report man. Thanks again, it's added and verified.

  • +1

    Excellent videos. Next to stability issues, I really hope these long-standing automation bugs get squashed.

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    @StudioES said:

    After spliting a pattern into 2 patterns, some data still remains beyond the end of the 1st pattern.

    At first I did mention this in the video but I then edited it out. Reason being is that if it cleaned up the data on Pattern 1 then other instances of Pattern 1 in the song would get messed up.

    So then I thought that maybe two new patterns should get created when slicing but that made me realize just how many new patterns would get created if say you were to take an 8 bar pattern and do a slice at every bar. There would be a lot of extraneous patterns.

    So it seems that it is the way it needs to be.

    The above three bugs do still stand though I think.

    5.) Automation for some AUv3s is not scaled properly.

    I think that I have had some AUs, like Turnado initially have proper scaling but at a certain point the scaling does get out of whack. Was going to see if I could video it today.

    Thanks folks! :)

  • Ah! I just posted a "feature request" for this, but I agree that it is a bug. Hoping it is fixed soon. It's making the editing of one of my projects a HUGE pain.

    I'm also seeing an issue where exporting a track with MUTE automations is not consistently applying them.

  • @midloo said:

    I'm also seeing an issue where exporting a track with MUTE automations is not consistently applying them.

    Oh! Good to know.

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    I didn't even realise you could automate mutes. (!!)

    I've always done it by automating the faders with a quick cut.

    "Mr New Tricks, allow me to introduce you to the old dog"

  • 5.) Automation for some AUv3s is not scaled properly.

    Does anyone know if this is recoverable, and if so, how?

    I have a song that I was just adding the finishing touches to and this bug has snuck in on a Pure Acid track. This meant initially that Pure Acid was playing no sound at all, presumably as Beatmaker is sending the wrong values to the AU. I restarted the app and all my automation points were right down the bottom of the editor, and adding any new ones made sound disappear again. I deleted all the automation tracks and re-added them, but now I can’t add points to these tracks, each time I try to add one random points appear but they don’t appear to have the green line joining them and they do nothing.

  • Thanks @StudioES, that’s roughly what happened to mine except in reverse - the automation points all ended up in just a few pixels at the bottom of my editor.

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