When i use beatmaker 3 audiobus and a synth app everything works great all together i recorded a sample and sound good on play back save it to beatmaker closed it ....reloaded beatmaker 3 only open the track and the synth app sample was there but not playing but everything else was.....anyone know what to do???


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    My best advice... only use synths in BM3 that support AUv3

    Using any DAW (such as BM3) with Audiobus or IAA is unreliable, and is one of the main reasons that Apple is deprecating support in favour of the far superior AUv3 standard.

    When you use an AUv3 plugin in BM3 it loads within the host, so it remembers all your patch settings, loads reliably every time, and allows more than one instance of the plugin in your track.

    The only downside is that a few of the oldest iOS synths have not been (and probably will not be) updated to support AUv3 (eg Thor, Magellan and Animoog).

  • Can you list some of the auv3 synths that are compatible with ios 10... dont wanna just be downloading stuff for no reason....

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