Question about deleting duplicate folders in Documents section

Can I delete the 'Focus Actions Templates' folder? I have one in my main Documents directory and also have one in the Templates folder...which seems like a good place for it. I can safely delete the one in Documents, yeah?

Similarly I have an empty 'Modulator Presets' folder in my 'Samples' folder which I'd like to delete. The actual 'Modulator Presets' folder in my Documents directory is where it should be and has presets in it that ones fine.


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    Probably yes, it's fine to delete them.

    But if you want to play it really safe, try renaming both folders instead (eg "Modulator Presets_TRASH") and checking that it doesn't cause any issues.

    If it doesn't have any nasty side effects, they are safe to delete.

    If it does, rename them back again ;)

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