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Dear forum users

Since taking over as mod in July 2019, I've noticed that we have never posted anything about the rules and values that we are aiming to adhere to as a community here. I want to ensure that all of us make this a friendly and helpful place for new and experienced BeatMaker users alike.

I'd therefore like to post my first attempt at 5 basic rules and core values that I'd like everyone on these forums to live by (including myself).

I hope you all agree with the basic principle and feel these are fair rules.

...and please note - I am just as human as the rest of you, so I am writing these rules as much for myself as for everyone else.


Always show respect for one another here, even when we disagree

  • it's vitally important to me that everyone feels welcome here, and respected.


Always talk respectfully about people outside this forum

  • if they are not here then they are unable to respond/defend themselves


Free speech is very important!

  • You are allowed to politely criticise anything (or anyone), but you shouldn't be surprised if we expect you to back-up claims with evidence or justification


The job of the moderator is to maintain peace and harmony and make sure the rules and values (listed here) are upheld

  • The moderator ( @tk32 ) must only use their authority to edit, delete, mute or ban users as a last resort, and only once other attempts to resolve the situation have failed.
  • If you are not happy with the behaviour or conduct of the moderator ( @tk32 ) you are able to report your concerns directly to Intua


If absolutely necessary, the moderator is permitted to use 3 stages of discipline:

  • A written warning, explaining why the behaviour or actions are not acceptable, and offer to discuss the issue in private
  • An agreed temporary mute or cool-off period
  • As an absolute last resort.. a user may be banned from the forum if they continue to ignore clear warnings

Please note - this thread is a stickied announcement and not intended to start a discussion, so I have chosen to close the thread to stop replies.

If you'd like to discuss the rules and values, you can...

  1. send me a private message
  2. start a new separate thread where we can discuss these rules together as a group.
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