Novation Launch Key Mini MK3 :o

This looks pretty awesome!!! Comes with chord mode and mid out plus Arpeggiator and some other bells and whistles. Now I'm just wondering whether Chord Mode would work with BM3. What do you guys think?


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    User @ronji has one of these (and probably a few other users too)

    ...or is that the mark 2 I'm thinking of??

    The only negative mark against these as a low price all-in-one controller, imho, is that the velocity curves for the keys and pads cannot be adjusted.

    But... If you load Audioveek's curves plugin (from his midi tools suite) you can set your own velocity curves to make the controller more - or less - sensitive.

  • @tk32 Mini MK3 is brand new. Only came out today!!! :wink:

  • My bad!

    Hopefully they added the ability to fine-tune velocity curves in this version.

  • this shit looks like fire must have for when i go to the coffee shop and baby transport control thats all i need for when im not on the main screen

  • This review shows some handy Ableton navigation using the mk3, skip to 11:20. Some of that should be doable in BM3, too, don't you think?

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