Bind changes to Song track timeline to Track Automations

edited September 2019 in Feature Requests

I'd like to use BM3 more for mixing, but I'm finding it frustrating with how changes to pattern clips or audio in the song timeline do not also change any existing track automations. It would be great if there was a setting that allowed changes to the track timeline to also be reflected in track automations.

Here's a user case:

I have an audio track that has track automations to the volume and pan saved. I'd like to remove one bar from that audio. I do that by cutting the audio in two places, removing the bar of audio, and then moving the audio to the right of the space over to the left to close the gap. I'd like any automations saved in the removed bar to also be removed, and when I slide the remaining audio to the right into the gap, I'd like any existing automations to come with them.

What I seem to have to do now is edit both the position of the audio and then edit the track automation for it as well. That's a real pain, especially if I have things in the track automation lane positioned on the grid with a fine setting like "FREE" or "1/32".


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