Samples from import folder not saving in project

Hi all..
This has happened regularly (but inconsistently) since importing samples into beatmaker 3 a while ago.

If I'm working on a project and choose a sample to work with from the imported samples folder, then save the project, more often than not when I reopen later the "sample could not be found" error screen will pop up. Sometimes it will search and find it and sometimes it wont. I cant find any rhyme or reason as to why it's so hit or miss though. Its seems like it only happens to samples from that folder though.

I've looked around the forum for this issue and read a few similar issues but no solid fix or explanation.

Anyone else dealing with this situation or something similar?



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    Nothing immediately springs to mind from your description - but I have heard (and experienced myself) the dreaded missing sample message at various times in the past. Even though an auto-scan of folders solves the problems most of the time, it doesn't always work, so I'd really like to know what sequence of events causes this to happen.

    Hopefully, other users will add their experiences here so we can pinpoint what is happening.

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