Making beats or sounds in time

Hi I’m very new to music producing. I’ve only just started and after looking through all instructions and several tutorials videos I can find anything that instructs you how to get the beat or any of the samples perfectly in time with the bpm ? Can anyone help me please? Thanks



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    Hi @duncanwalker7

    Welcome to the forum :)

    Everyone has their own technique for tuning loops, and each is slightly different.

    I'm assuming you have a loop that you want to play in time to your track?

    If so, here are a few suggestions to get you started...

    Option 1 - tuning by ear whilst looping the track

    1. Create a midi pattern that triggers the loop on beat 1, then set a loop of 1-2 bars in the sequencer.
    2. Play the track on loop mode with the metronome enabled, and gradually tune (or fine-tune) the loop up/down until you hit the sweet spot.

    Option 2 - figuring out the loop length and using time stretch to fit your project BPM

    1. Listen to the loop on its own and figure out how long it lasts in beats and bars. This is easier for drum loops - especially if they are neatly trimmed.
    2. Once you've figured out the correct length, go into the sample editor and type that value into the sample length box (eg 2 bars).
    3. Now enable time stretch and the loop will automatically conform to whatever BPM your project is set to.

    Option 3 - Figure out the loop's BPM and set your project BPM to match

    Option 4 - Ignore tuning altogether and slice things up instead

  • Um it’s simple use the tune nobs until the length fits. And then use filter to match pitch. U can seriously combine any samples u want to work musically. Some will fit better than others tho.

  • @duncanwalker7 Are we simply talking about turning quantization on/off? You did say "very new...".

    If that's the case, and your samples are individual notes/"hits", vs longer passages for a loop, also make sure that the samples don't start with "dead air", but right on the attack of the note.

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