Samples grayed out

i was just browsing through older beats and often bm3 says that it cant find the samples.
The saved session file has also been moved.
When i search for the samples they are grayed out and are not played.
Is there a easy fix for this, how can i reload the wav file and have my slices restored? 🥶

i had that bug of some samples not been able to load in another project before but now it seems that many more old projects are dead😱


  • Did you delete the unsaved sessions folder by any chance? That might explain the high number of missing samples.

    Not many users know this, but if you record or edit a sample before saving your project with a name, the samples will be saved into 'unsaved sessions' and remain there even after you save the project.

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    right now there are 16 sessions in the unsaved sessions folder (way less than all the saved sessions)..
    the first dates to may 2019, the files i cannot load are older..
    do you know a way to restore the slices from the samples when i load a session but bm cant find the samples when searching the ipad?

  • The Start and End markers are both at the far right. Pull that Start handle at the top right to the left.

  • yes, that is what bm is doing when it cannot load the sample properly (put the start marker to the right).
    the waveform you see on the picture is the same on all 10 pads and when i move the start marker to the left all samples on pad 1-10 are the same.

    i just figured out it will load the slices when i move the project back to the original saved place, i will show you it in a video tomorrow...🧐

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    forgot to show you in the video, but the pads conaining drums etc all load fine, just the bank where i sliced the sample to pads is messed up..

    here is the video..

  • I really so hope session management in BM3 gets an overhaul to get rid of the unsaved sessions syndrome.

    Honestly the session management in BM3 is ‘garbage’ compared to the way Cubasis, Gadget and NS2 work among others.

    But hey, bring back the input monitoring while sampling before christmas and I’ll try to be a bit more forgiving...

  • yes i heard it before that i should save my samples within the project but for me this is a sure 100% app crash trigger🙃
    and its in about 20% of projects that they fail to load, others work just fine..
    i know, normally i dont copy the project while its loaded, was just in the video^^

  • refering to the unsaved sessions issue...

    i think i uninstalles and reinstalled bm3 some months ago,because the used space on my internal memory behaved weird, could this be the issue?

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    @estebano said:
    refering to the unsaved sessions issue...

    i think i uninstalles and reinstalled bm3 some months ago,because the used space on my internal memory behaved weird, could this be the issue?

    How did you backup your projects and sample folder before reinstalling?

    It's probably safe to assume that if you did backup your files, you probably didn't include 'Unsaved Sessions' in the process - and that would probably explain most of the "missing sample" messages you see. :(

    If it's any consolation, when I was less experienced with BM3 (back in Aug/Sept 2017) I decided to delete the entire contents of 'Unsaved Sessions' while I was doing some file housekeeping. I obviously didn't realise at the time that doing this would also delete all the recorded and neatly trimmed samples I had made whilst jamming in new projects before saving them with a name. I've definitely learnt that lesson now!

    Always save first

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    thank you all for your answers.
    yes, i didnt backup the unsaved sessions folder, but many beats have names and the samples/chops are not loaded.
    it would be a very good idea if beatmaker would put out an error message and not pretend that everything loaded fine. after the error message it wouldn hurt if you could show bm3 where the sample is located.
    it feels a bit year 2000 that you cannot move your projects without loosing your chops, even if the sample is not in the project folder..
    maybe a developer reads this and consider a better dialog popup when a project is not loaded properly👍 or implement a better search for missing files function in bm3...

    not meant as bad as it could appear in the post. still loving bm3👍

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