Sampling via IAA Sequence Mystery

Not sure this is a bug or not. While sampling to sequential pads on a BM3 bank from Patterning 2 via IAA, I found that the sequence matters. Patterning 2 offers 9 IAA slots, one for Master Output followed by tracks 1-8 (which is how they are listed in BM3). I sampled onto sequential BM3 pads in a bank in the following sequence: skip Master Output, sample 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, skip 6, sample 7, 8, and finally the previously skipped Master Output. When I do this, the pad that should contain the Master Output track actually records track 6, which was completely skipped. I can open a new session and sample just the Master Output successfully, so it's not that track but something about the sequence of sampling.
Anyone experienced this? Anything I'm missing?


  • Doesn't it make more sense to just export the pattern/song stems from Patterning?
    (Ableton Export exports a *.zip file with all the stems and BM3 can handle zip files just fine).

    Just wondering because IAA is always a hassle and I tend to prefer export when ever it is available...

  • Thanks, samu. I like this alternative. Bouncing audio files or importing via IAA, track by track, is tedious. The only limitations of the Ableton Live Set (ALS) export method seems to be that currently you can only render (Master Output or Individual Tracks) for "All Patterns" (not "Current Pattern" or "Song") and you can only "Render as Loop" (not "Catch Effects Trail" or "Clip"). Still, easy enough to delete unwanted tracks within BM3 after the export.
    I don't see an ALS option to export "stems", at least in the "submix" sense of that word in the official STEMS specification (four tracks, like drums, bass, melody, and vocals).

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