How much to charge for loops?

So, Cymatics asked me to record some loops on the harmonica (a few bars length). Not sure what is an adequate charge for it. I provide harmonica in great quality and performance and I know that Cymatics spread their samples/loops to the world.

So, what's the good price for such task?


  • Hi @apaclin

    Sorry, but I think this is probably the wrong forum to ask this question.

    Good luck finding some help elsewhere.

  • Have no clue but I’d like to Make some Drum loops For Cymatics seeing as my name is somewhat close and cymbals are drum instruments. I doubt they would tho cuz drummers aren’t respected and now people think it’s totally cool to sell drum kits and loops yet not even ever have sat at a actual drum kit let alone buy and play a beat themselves..... now they have a machine to play the hardest and most important part to any beat.... the Drum Beat.......smh 15 years drumming and not a dime earned and not a single other producer who wanted to collab ......smh

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