Am I in over my head?

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Hello peoples, I have just purchased BeatMaker on my iPhone today. I always wanted to try making beats and finally decided to pull the trigger and do it. As you can guess from what I just said I have never used any type of beat making software or hardware beofre. The reason I bought this software was that I felt it would be smarter to spend $20 rather a few hundred on a MPC or something.

As I looked at the app I was like WTF? Am I in over my head starting with this? I have to still read the manual and stuff but would there be a better starting point for me?, such as another program or something?

I am hoping to make hip-hop/RnB beats if that matters.

Thanks, Vikram


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    Dont sweat it- just take a deep breathe & look at the manual. take it 1 step at at time.

    I have only a basic understanding of this stuff, and I figured it out. I downloaded the
    manual to help identify some of the buttons and features. Im workin on my second beat now, after dickin around with it for a couple of weeks (an hour here & there)

    Just get in & start playin around.
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    Don't worry! BeatMaker was the first real music production application I've used before, too. (Second if you count
    Just play around with it as much as you can and you'll start figuring out what everything does.
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