Sampling with iRig

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Im not sure if anyone has already discussed this topic so I apologize in advance if it has already been covered.

I am looking for ways to streamline and make sampling easier in Beatmaker 3. I recently came across this video by Kit Complete where he uses an iRig to sample straight from his iphone (playing Youtube) to the Beatmaker sampler.

Has anybody used this before? Have any tips or insights? I have seen some iRig units range in price and was unsure if the cheaper ones could still recreate this?

Thanks for the help!



  • I use the original irig still, what I do is I have a headphone splitter in the headphone jack and an audio cable from the guitar input to one of the headphone ports, then I can record YouTube or anything as it plays on my iPad. Only downside is it records in mono, but not too big of a deal.

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