Recommend me a bad ass compressor

Hey guys looking for a bad ass compressor AU to really beef up drum breaks such as the Amen.


  • For quick and easy compression of drums and breaks, I'd recommend

    Korvpressor by Klevgrand

    If you like to take more surgical control I suggest using a multiband comp, and I have been getting incredible results putting the Toneboosters EQ in dynamic mode

    Toneboosters EQ (in dynamic mode)

    For more warmth and glue, I have heard good things about the...

    Magic Death Eye Compressor

    ...and if you'd prefer a swiss army knife n all-in-one single band compressor and limiter you can't go wrong with

    Toneboosters Barricade

  • I know some user have issues with AD plug-ins but I just love AD Rough Rider especially when going over the top and squashing the living daylights out of the input source and it's free!

  • FAC Maxima is killer for drums. Add in FAC Transient for even more shaping control.

  • Bark Filter can be really good too, if you know what you’re doing, because of the variable control over each part of the spectrum. I usually start with the TripleBand preset and work from there.

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  • Pro-C 2 is on the pricey end, but it's easily the most versatile compressor on iOS and the 'punchy' algorithm with auto release is just magic.

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    Beatformer by Accusonus. Got it when they had it for free for a month but would pay for it, totally worth it. Punches up breaks & can drastically alter their character if you want it to sound different from everyone else that’s used that break.

  • +1 for Audio Damage Rough Rider for FREE :)

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