Cant hear what i just recorded when exiting record but can when go back into record .

Hi everyone,
When I’m in scene mode and hit the record button to overdub a clip, then hit the overdub button and play a pad , it plays back fine, but when I exit out of record , I don’t hear what I just recorded. But if I go back into record mode I can hear it again but only if overdub is red. If I’m in record mode and deselect overdub , I cant hear the overdub. So basically, the only time I can hear what I just overdubbed is to be in record mode with overdub selected. I can see the notes in the midi editor but it’s not playing unless I’m in record w overdub selected. Another situation is if I hit record and overdub is off, play a pad, I don’t hear anything (which can make sense bc overdub wasn’t selected) but now if I select overdub , I can hear what I just recorded even though overdub was off. Seems like overdub button only functions when you want to hear back what you just recorded , you don’t need it to be on to overdub as long as you’re in record ( which actually is faster workflow similar to the drum machines and typical transport, no need for the extra step to select overdub , just hit record and play the pads.)I’m running a couple of clips in song mode looped 4 bars along with the overdub clip in scene mode if that might affect this strange behavior . Any ideas ?
Thank you !


  • Strange. I've not encountered this before - but in truth, I don't tend to use Scenes mode a great deal in my projects.

    There is a new update for BM3 about to release v soon with a number of bug fixes, so you may find the problem resolves itself.

    If not, please let me know and we'll do some testing to get to the bottom of the issue for you.

  • Good news. It’s not doing it anymore. I think maybe it has something to do w shutting down the iPad and rebooting (I usually just use sleep).

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