Purple Beat Battle

This my first beatmaker project. I finally got motivated when a friend suggested we work with an old purple pop song.
(Experienced BM user, light Prince fan VS Beginner BM user, big prince fan)

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I understand the concept of sampling to create a new song, but I think I created a remix, by using too much of the original
material, and not enough original arrangements. Note to self: smaller samples, more originality.

While beatmaker was pretty easy to learn, I'm sure I only scratched the surface. 2 things I'd like to mention:
1. I'd like to be able to see more than 8 trax/layers at one time, or a vertical scrub similar to the horizontal one.
2. I'd like to know if it's possible/how to crossfade a sample in beatmaker. (make a sound travel from left to right speakers)

In the meantime please feel free to comment/critique this project...


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    Ayyyye... nice work. Good sensible remixing. Really nice. I like the direction you took it in.

    Here's mine...

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    I kept all my chops to stuff from the original track (Prince - Lady Cab Driver)... drums, bass, etc.

    Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. For this to be the first official battle I guess we would need some votes... so feel free to pick a favorite.
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    So... what do people in here think about the idea of "beat battles", where people match up on the same source track to pull samples from, chop using their preferred methods, create their own unique kits, and post final tracks for judging?

    The tracks posted above are an example of said process. If more people are interested, we could hold weekly battles where anyone who wanted to participate could get in on em, and then hold open judging of the beats at the end of the battle period.

    Anyone interested...?
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