Samples not saving when overwriting projects and..

Bm3 latest update. Issues with samples not saving in projects . Happens when I use overwrite or if i save as a new name & copy samples. Also samples will not save if I try to save them in the sample edit window “ Save sample in Same or Session directory”
When i first do a save it works fine but issues when adding new samples to a project seems to delete previous samples but saves the last sample added to a project . Will look further into this.
Anyone else getting issues?
Thanks in advance


  • Edit : if might be because I moved the project to another destination then proceeeded to add new samples then used the Copy samples & Save etc Still a bit weird though .

  • I've had a similar thing happen, albeit before the update but it might have carried over. It may be a bug in BM3 where it doesn't update the GUI and the info in the folders but the samples ARE actually there... you just don't see it right away. So after a restart you might find that they are actually there. [?} give it a shot.

  • @BitterGums ok cheers will try this.

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