How do I add multiple samples to the keys and layering sounds In beatmaker 3.

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Would it be possible to add multiple samples to the keys and layer sounds in beatmaker 3?


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    Yes. This is core functionality. Unless I'm misunderstanding your question.

    Check out the the manual starting around page 28 for details about multiple samples.

    For controlling multiple plugins you need to get into midi routing. If that's what you're trying to do it'd probably be easier if you described what you want to do in detail so someone can respond with specific help.

  • Hello Number37 ( : what I was talking About was using your own samples but adding One sample at a time to different keys and zones. also having the ability to add multiple layers As well I really love layering it just creates a awesome and unique sound when you add sounds together

  • @jonavin You can already do this. Make sure your load method is existing or new layer. Then when you drag and drop/hit load/or use double tap (from settings), your samples are added to whichever layer you are working with. If using existing layer, set the polyphony to a higher value to hear all sounds.

  • @jonavin Take a peak at the 'mapping' tab in the sampler window... it should give you a good idea how to approach it.

    Also within the sampler window > under the smaller grid of the 16 pads you'll see: a Controls tab and Layers tab.

    the Layers tab is where you can select between any layer you might have added to each key/pad. When a layer is selected (slightly highlighted) all the info in the sampler window will correspond to that layer.

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