MIDI velocity curve in BM3 ?

Hi - I'm a new BM3 user. My controller keyboard's velocity output is a little weak... even banging the keys registers below 127. Does BM3 have a way to set a velocity curve for incoming MIDI? I'd like to add ~15% velocity to every incoming velocity message.

I'd prefer not to buy another app if possible, so any insight into BM3 (or AUM) native capabilities would be helpful.

A forum search yields a nice plug-in called MIDI Tools. It's way overkill for me, but an option. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/midi-tools/id1446209019



  • Thanks @StudioES! Do you know how MIDI Tools would work for what I need in BM3?  Would it load as a MIDI effect and route through the velocity curve before it triggers notes in, say, a soft synth?

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