What hardware should I get so I can sample into beatmaker on my ipad

Anyone got any recommendations on what good cheap hardware to buy so I can sample from vinyl into beatmaker on the iPad. I’m guessing I need the iPad camera adaptor USB thing and some sort of hub or sound card. I have a behringer UCA202 but the iPad doesn’t seem to recognise that. What devices does the ipad/beatmaker support ?


  • The Behringer UCA202 should definitely work with both CCK and CCK3 as it require so little power even an iPhone can use it with a regular CCK without need for extra power.

  • Nice one Samu thanks, I persevered and all of a sudden BeatMaker picked it up

  • Yeah strangely a USB sound card usually requires a powered hub to work with the Camera Connection Kit. Even a tiny little usb stick requires power which I find ridiculous lol.

  • I use the Behringer Uphoria interfaces with my iOS stuff, but they require a powered hub. I also have a little USB hub I got off Amazon with a 1/8 headphone out that works fine w/out additional power -- but it only has a mono 1/8 jack in which is fairly low quality, non-adjustable.

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