MIDI Tools Curve crazy issue ....

Hi - I'm having an issue with MIDI Tools Curve, and I hope someone can help. If I'm lucky, it's user error.

Here's the problem:

  • I'm running AUM on an iPad
  • I've got a controller keyboard connected by 5-pin MIDI into my audio interface, transmitting on Channel 1 into the iPad by USB
  • In the iPad, the MIDI is routed first to MIDI Tools Curve which applies a velocity curve. It works perfectly, and I love it. It solves a weak velocity issue with that particular keyboard.
  • However, Curve is also randomly outputting additional MIDI messages.
  • To prove it, I've got two instances of the MIDI Tools Monitor plug-in. The first is listening to incoming MIDI to the iPad from my controller via interface, pre-Curve. The second is listening to the output of Curve itself. In other words, I've isolated the Curve plug-in.
  • Messages originating in Curve include "Note on: 255" and "Note on/off: 255" with a bunch of Aftertouch messages in-between.
  • These messages are wreaking havoc on my AU synths. The disturbance affects each synth differently, none of it desirable. Awful noise, changes in pitch, etc. It renders Curve unusable.

    I sent a support request to @blueveek as well, but I've read that he's a busy guy who's overwhelmed by messages.

I haven't tried Curve in BM3 yet. I'm posting to this forum because I MIDI Tools came by recommendation from a forum member ( @StudioES -- thank you, btw... it's a great plug-in as soon as I fix this issue... )

Does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Any advice?



  • Hi @StudioES - I'm using a DX7S as controller and a Steinberg UR44 interface. Here's a short vid of the issue that I sent to the developer:

    How can I filter out aftertouch?


  • Ok, thanks... I set up Clone & Filter exactly as you described. I've got my MIDI all on Channel 1 with this flow: DX7S->SteinbergUR44->USB/iPad->Clone&Filter->Curve->Zeeon (also, Curve-> my electric piano app)

    Monitor is still showing the same weird ON/OFF messages now originating in the Clone & Filter instance. Zeeon is still screeching uncontrollably as soon as it happens. Also the EP app de-tunes, which is weird.

    These issues (screeching, detuning, etc.) do not occur when I control the plug-ins directly with the DX7S. The DX7S works perfectly. The only problem is the velocity.... which is where I started.

    Why would the MIDI Tools plug-ins have an issue when other plug-ins do not?

    Is there anything else that can be done?

    Thanks again for helping... I hope I can salvage it...


  • I think Keys Mode refers to BM3? I haven't tried MIDI Tools in BM3 yet... I'm just in AUM so far.

    I don't have a Windows PC... I'll see if I can find an app on MacOS.

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    ...but again, Zeeon has no problems listening to my DX7S directly. It's after I put MIDI Tools in the chain when everything goes haywire.

  • @StudioES said:
    I'll attempt to confirm this Midi Tools bug in 2 hours during halftime. In AUM, with a 2nd iPad as a Bluetooth MIDI Controller, using synths w/o long-standing MIDI issues like BeepStreet Zeeon & Sunrizer. Ripplemaker & KQ Dixie. Will post results. Thanks.

    That's awesome - thank you!

  • Hey @StudioES - thanks for taking the time. It's too bad that I'm still in the woods. I'll load up that session tonight and give it a try... maybe it will reveal a mistake in my set-up.

    Thanks again,


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