Midi editing

Hi having a bit of trouble editing midi. Mainly how do you play part of a pattern and set the play bar to the middle of the pattern? - I seem to only be able to play from the beginning of a pattern so fine editing is really tedious as I keep having to start from the beginning. I could split the pattern I suppose but wondered what other people do. Thanks . I find midi editing really hard in BeatMaker 3 compared to cubasis or nanostudio2 ! So any tips would be fantastic.


  • I typically use 8 bar patterns so it's not too bad.
    I just get it to loop the pattern I'm working on, and then get ready to hear that pattern 8,000 times as it loops over and over while i'm editing it.... 😉 🤷

  • ...and don't forget to save often! :)

  • Great thanks so much - changing to rewind to last position and shortening the loop brace works a treat 😀

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