Map AU knobs to external midi controller

Hi anyone know how to map the AU knobs in an external audio effect to an external midi controller? I wish to control the parameters on an external audio effect so found the AU knobs page but can’t work out how to either connect these to a macro or map them in the settings tab. Thanks


  • A. In the AU, tap Show AU Knobs, double-tap an AU parameter, assign it to a Macro Control.
    B. In MIDI Focus Actions, scroll down the list & tap the Macro that you previously assigned - it'll blink while waiting for you to turn a knob on your external controller. Turn the physical knob & it's MIDI CC will be assigned to the Macro>AU Parameter.
    C. Enjoy twiddling your knobs. :mrgreen:

  • So simple! thanks a lot - I was tapping on the 3 dots next to the name of the parameter and not on the knob itself...

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