Midi file export..all CH 1

Is there a trick to exporting a single bank, multiple midi channel track so that not all the notes are set to CH 1?
The pattern in beat maker plays my ext midi fine. But when I export midi from the note editor, and mail the export to myself and load it in reaper or import it into my hardware its all on channel one.


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    Hi, yes, MIDI file export was tested extensively over many weeks & many issues were logged for the dev.

    For the time being, I recommend using 1 Bank for each instrument - i.e. Drumkit on Bank A1 (in Pad Mode), Bass Synth on Bank B1 (in Key Mode)....& using Session Export, not individual Track Export. That way each track is seperated in the exported MIDI file. After importing them into your desktop DAW, change the MIDI Channels there.

    Pattern & Track MIDI Exports are Type 0 MIDI Files, which means all data is on 1 track. (ALL Pads MIDI data in a single Bank are 'Flattened' when exported, due to BM3's unique Key/Pad/Bank relationship & SMF's limitations).

    Session MIDI Exports are Type 1 MIDI Files, which means each track's data is on its own track for traditional linear MIDI sequencers & DAWs. BM3 is not a traditional linear DAW though, so when importing them back into BM3, each tracks' data is flattened onto 1 Bank. BM3 also doesn't appear to save MIDI Channels, as its using the most basic SMF format.

  • Hi,
    Huh..sorry to hear that.
    Guess I'll not be using SMF and just play and record the midi in real time.
    Funny tho....after I exported the file, I tried importing it back into bm3 and it played back correctly. But I already had the multichannel bank set up. They should just use the pad # for the midi channel #.
    I really was just using bm3 as a midi editor. My hardware sequencer in my multi pad has no editing but can import SMF. I put bm3 in synced record and trigger my sequence on the multi pad. Then did my edits...now I'll just ply/record them back in.
    Thanks for your response.

  • Just do a Session Export. You get 1 MIDI File, but each track is on it's own track.
    But you're right - if you've got everything on 1 Bank, things get messy. Cannot combine Pad Mode & Key Mode either - BM3's Pad/Bank architecture is too complicated for that.

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