Sampler able to read different sample formats

Since BM3’s sampler is a proper one, it would be great if it could read a few formats. Especially SF2 since there’s tons of samplefont libraries out there for grabs. Akai, SFZ, & .nki would be cool too.


  • Agreed! I've been requesting this since day 1. :)
    It would be AWESOME! <3

  • Yepp, proper SF2 support (without the need to import/convert) with preset selection could be handy.
    This way we could use the 'SF2 banks' and select the sounds using program-change.

    Another option would be to load the SF2 'bank' to a 'bank' where each pad pointed to a 'preset/patch' in the SF2 file. If the SF2 file contains more than 128 presets an additional bank is created. 'Keys' mode could then be used to play up to 128 instruments in a bank. (And well, bring back the option to 'explode' a banks pads into separate tracks in the arranger).

    A 3rd one would be an additional 'pad mode' (Ie. Plug-In, Sampler, Midi Only & SF2).

    We'll see where things go :)

  • SF2 + EXS24 would be huge. It's such a pain to have to rebuild all my sample libraries.

  • Being able to directly read/import Akai Program's (with *.xpm extension) would be nice.
    I mean it's pretty 'clean' XML with relative pointers to the files in the same folder as the *.xpm file.
    (Sure some 'parameters' would have to be skipped or replaced since all the filter models, envelopes and effects are not preset in both apps).

    I don't mind a 'import & conversion' of SF2's as it gives easier access to the individual samples stored within the file. But since BM3 doesn't have a 'Pad Preset only 'Bank Presets' usability is limited.
    (Still waiting for the day when we can 'explode' banks on the time-line and create a 'performance/controller bank' where the pads can point to other pads in the other banks, triggering other pads, pattern playback, audio.clips etc. etc. etc.).

    Honestly I really don't like the way BM3 handles Banks & Pads at the moment, being able to treat Banks as 'Group/Folder Tracks' on the time-line would be soooooooo much smoother.

    We'll have to wait and see what the 'rumored' update will bring...

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