Where do I buy plugins, AUv3 or vst’s?

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I’m a logic user and just bought BM3 to try out but can’t seem to find the AU’s. I have found a few things but not what I’m for. I’m looking for something like halftime, isotope vinyl....etc. is there a website to find plugins, AU’s or VST for BM3?


  • @kingarthur72076 You'll find a lot of similar things to halftime and vinyl but not those VST's exactly. Since iOS is a different platform than OS it won't run traditional VST's or AU but you'll find a lot of the plug-in makers have ported their products into the iOS world. The 'plug-ins' for iOS come in either Inter App Audio (IAA) or AUv3.

    Also, like @StudioES said most everything is currently on sale so definitely take advantage of that at the moment. All the prices will be increased in a week or so.

  • Definitely look for iOS AUv3 plugins. In BM3 and a few other iOS DAWs they work a lot like desktop VST plugins with the ability to recall patches, record and playback knobs, sliders, switches and other plugin interface elements and sync their sequencers, arpeggiators, delays to BM3’s clock. Generally stay away from strictly IAA and AB plugins. Apple has deprecated that plugin format and while it will work till Apple kills it, no one knows when they’ll stop working. In addition to my Facebook AU list and the other links provided in the comment above, there is also the AudioBus website. You can tailor your search for Audio Unit Extensions (AUv3) including AU instruments, AU effects, AU MIDI processor plugins, etc.

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