Marv4MoBeats BM3 mixer presets

If you make beats and don't want to spend a lot of time mixing, Marv got you covered.
You can also see how he has BM3 setup and also learn from it.
Check it out.


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    This IS NOW $15. Grab it and thank me later!!!

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    @StudioES said:
    @hansjbs I don't understand the item description. Are they presets for the built-in effects processors? That would be handy. The ones 5pin shared for the Eastwood MVerb are good.

    Yes they are presets for the internal BM3 fx: Here’s the breakdown

    6 band eq: 38 presets (yes 38)

    Delay: 3 presets

    Dynamic processor: 8 presets

    Mverb; 3 Presets

    SV filter; 6 presets

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