Cannot import midi files from Xequence 2

1.) In BM3 I can import files from Cubasis. Cubasis can import from Xequence2. BM3 cannot import midi files from Xequence 2.

As a workaround I can import midi files from Xequence 2 into Cubasis, then Export them from Cubasis into BM3.

2.) When I try to import a midi file from Xequence2 into BM3 all drag and drop is messed up. I cannot even drag samples to pads anymore and am forced to restart.


  • @StudioES said:
    I don't have X2, but see if it'll export Type 0 MIDI files. Those are single track exports, rather than multi-track or song files (Type 1). If so, import the file to Pad 1 of Bank A1. Export the 2nd file, import it to Pad 1 of Bank B1, etc.

    Definitely cumbersome. We requested more advanced MIDI Export functionality - no idea if it'll come. Some reasons are BM3 complicated Pad/Bank relationship, Keys/Pad Mode, etc. SMFs were made for traditional linear sequencers from the 1980s.

    Yah, no luck on specifying type but I will likely just midi out of xequence and record back to bm3 with bm3 hosting AUs anyway, so all good.

    Thanks much for the explanation!

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