Hey, virgin to posting , but not to reading. I have some questions and issues ... I’m sure I’ll get corrected where and what I should post before any proper answers or any resolve, it’s expected. I’m an older person who comes from a physical world of recording and producing music. Back when you had to pay someone for their investment in hardware and expertise. Now I see ppl bitching about the extremely low cost of plugins and what not in the iPad rebellion from the evil pc/Mac daw empire. Recording is a new attempt as a hobby and not trying to be a know it all. I’m used to playing writing music on real physical instruments. Yeah they exist my friends. 😂 Anyways , now anyone can label themselves a producer , song creator , artist or what not. If I hear workflow I’m gonna puke btw..... fancy trend setting words dosnt make one more elite. I guess workers at McDonald’s have “ work flow “ huh . I’ll stop at the stupidity of all that. Why isn’t beatmaker & Cubasis integrated ? Hell AUM is a pain in the ass and is yet another chance for something to go wrong. Does Cubasis and beatmaker hate each other ? Is it like apple vs Microsoft ? Beatmaker shows up as an inter app in Cubasis , but never works. Much like selected others. There’s a Jerry rig way to use beatmaker AUM and Cubasis , but gawd getting everything to match up seems like a nightmare. Still young to the virtual world of recording audio , I know my presonus artist daw has both in one. Impact is like a beatmaker vst right into the main day and breaking up the tracks. I’ve searched and searched can’t find any answers which means no good for me. Yes I know this isn’t a real daw world , and I should be aware of it. Yes ppl love and worship the simplicity and limitations of Ableton. Not everything is about being a bathroom producer musician etc. I’ve read a lot of shit and how ppl rave beatmaker and hate Cubasis or the other way. Auria kinda just said screw everyone. FL is a freaking joke. Apple lovers run into higher echelons of issues. But seriously why won’t Cubasis and beatmaker freaking integrate together? Seems like an easy fix. I love the iPad world and what it offers ... I’m on your side , we should be advancing from keys , desktops and overheating overpriced laptops. Just bought a 1500 iPad Pro a few months ago and just recently a new iPad Air 3. Hell the plugins are cheap and I wish there was more. Just compare the price of the Blackhole app vs the pc/Mac plugin. 200$ I believe. Having beatmaker 3 , AUM, Cubasis ... then staring at Cubasis hitting record then bouncing to beatmaker all through AUM . Going back to Cubasis to stop the recording and hopefully chopping it down , then trying to sync other audio tracks. All yet in time and not including guitar , drums vocals etc. wtf ! Both developers should just come together and link their products together. For both have high value. I’m sure most don’t mind taking 8 to 16 tracks and bouncing them down to one and calling it a song. I guess I’ll just buy a break out cable and use my interface to record from one iPad and controller into another. The only value I see is that I can grab a few synths at a fraction of the cost vs buying the expensive pc Mac vst. Well I’m done and I value your hatred for under appreciated users who love not having control of what you create. As well don’t even freaking talk about your music production on an iPhone.... don’t even need to hear that. I’m trying to understand the lack of reality the iPad world of music and the app makers that milk us for everything we have. As well I digg Beatmaker and Cubasis as well AUM and the joy of good cheap apps that are extremely limited. I love the pc\ Mac daw rebellion. Why do you think I bought two new iPads and extra gear cables etc. probably would have been cheaper to upgrade my studio one artist to pro. Well this will either get ignored or hated , don’t matter I’ll still post video about the real issues in this fake fur world. Looking forward to real replies.


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    Welcome to the forum @spine

    Sorry you feel so frustrated by what is 'not yet achieved' in the world of iOS DAWs.

    I think I speak for many when I say that the majority of us are simply delighted to already have such a wealth of features and tools available in such a small and portable device, opening up new opportunities to create musical ideas, melodic interplay and rhythmic doodles in ways (and places) that would not otherwise be possible.

    Not trying to give any life-coaching advice to anyone reading this, but I always try to remind everyone how appreciative we should all be for what we currently have - and the tireless work of underpaid and undervalued indie developers like @brambos @blueveek (to name just a few) - rather than lamenting what is not quite possible yet in the world of iOS.

    Perhaps if my talents as a producer ever exceed the tools I have on iOS, I may better understand the reasons for everyone expecting so much more. For now, at least, I feel like a happy pig rolling in the fresh cool mud of synth and plugin heaven, all sequenced through BM3, NS2, AUM and/or any of the other great workflows sequencers ;)

  • Thank you tk32,

    I appreciate your civil approach. I don’t try to hate on the iPad universe. Like I said I have two new iPads ( not my first iPads btw ) . It’s very frustrating when all answers can be solved via a pc/Mac daw world. As well extremely expensive. I support the anti desktop rebellion! As well I’m certain Apple does as well , kinda a freaking win win for them. I know that the iPad world isn’t the same as the pc / Mac world, , maybe that’s what frustrates me. As well hats off to the app makers , yes I know they try very hard to appease us. Yes I know Apple holds shite back through their slow releases and selling their iPad Pro as a laptop replacement . Then reneging on the deal and was like no , we never meant our iPad pros to sell for more then base Mac books. Personally I love the touch interface. I’m not a pc building genius , so the iOS and os is handy for me for it just works. Less time fixing ones pc to do something then just doing something. Apple is holding a governor over our iPads . iOS 13 was a small opening. But to limit the newer iPads from their ability is ridiculous. Major DAWs have conformity in what they are doing. Ppl give Cubasis crap for not understanding what they have achieved. They are the only DAW producer that’s grasping what we are in need of. As well beatmaker is just as rich with what they are achieving. I just wish both could join together. We’re one fails the other succeeds. Yet no conformity. Not slamming anyone , just frustrated that’s all. The devices have the ability but getting everyone on board is difficult. I still look at my pc that’s old and slow with studio one artist , it does it all. Personally that’s not the route I want to take. I think beatmaker and Cubasis is beautiful. If they could just be integrated. As well inter-app with Cubasis is hit or miss. I dunno I love the iPad world and I’m just going to do it the hard way by using a 3.5 mm cable to two 1/4 into a interface that’s connected to another iPad. I’ll break down all my beats in beatmaker independently so I can mix them in Cubasis. Or I could just use my pc daw. So damn frustrating ! Thanx again for your open mind and lack of judgement my friend!

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    I would love it if BM3 just had improved audio tracks.

    NS2 may get them at which point I may be using BM3 and NS2 in tandem.

    I gave Cubasis, Aum, Auria Pro etc their due but likely they will never evolve in the directions I want.

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