Anyway to bounce a pad with multiple layers down to one layer? Or a new pad?

I’ve got a bank with an instrument consisting of several layers, I just want to see if there’s a way to sample the whole pad basically into one composite sample


  • The easiest (to my knowledge) is to create a pattern with one note triggering the sound and then do a synced recording of the pad to another pad using the pad as the source for the recording.

    Sure I would love to have a quick 'resample/render pad to a new sample' but who knows what year if ever we'll get that feature added....

  • +1 for a quick 'resample/render pad to a new sample' :p

  • Thanks guys, recording to a new pad doesn’t seem too bad. But yeah quick resampling would be nice.

  • Aouch - no quick resampling functionality, bummer!

  • yeah, I vote up for resample button. This feature should be fast enough ;)

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