What are the top controllers intua had in mind while creating bm3?

I would really like to know more about what the devs had in mind regarding workflow and controlling bm3.

I am at the point where I will start performing live and therefore Im building a live rig now. I have previously been using an iconnectivity audio 4+ and beatstep /qnexus on midi.

rather than just using bm3 as a creative source, and production platform in the studio, Im wondering where it fits in on stage in a live rig. This is where I probly need tighter control than just keys and pads. I might be looking at an entire different use, but for now I need to know what midi controllers work fully? What controllers let me really make the most of bm3?

I know I can use just about any midi device with the iconnectivity but what controllers were laying around at intua all the whole time?

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