An ios daw and production focussed midi controller designed and made by us?

Ive been lurking here and @ audiobus forums since 2012, and seen endless expert opinions on midi controllers and such. i figure the people who know this topic most deeply are here and these few forums. Who here would seriously be willing to dedicate the energy and resources required to prototype and make available at minimum a diy pcb and kit of parts to assemble THE dream midi controller we all need?

We have the people power, the brains, the money and the resources now more than ever.

I know for certain there are people here who have drawn up plans for thier ideal controller. Fact most people here have a pretty good idea of what they want. I would like to get a show of hands , see how many and who would be down to make something happen.

Rgb pads, with zero double triggering, fat and pleasant to finger drum on all day.

Highest quality knobs available

OPTIONS, low quality cheapest version and the highest quality built for war version kits

Assembly offered, here is where we create jobs.

Bluetooth le

Replaceable off the shelf battery

Replaceable off the shelf screen oled

Replacable upgradable raspberry pi or simular processor

Opensource and DIY ACESSIBLE code!

Crowd funded so none of us gots to go broke.

Democratically designed with a solid roadmap everyone agrees to

Pro devs onboard so shit actually gets done and done right timely and without the guessing and

wishing and ass kissing thats involved with trying to get features added to a project that WE have no say in. We hire shit done that we cant do ourselves....

Ofcourse this is just my idea.

I wanna hear all of yours. I wanna know what intua thinks about a controller built for bm3 , ns2, cubasis... placeing the pc at priority level 10. ;)

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