Not transmitting pitch bend and CC to some banks

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I have an annoying issue when loading AUv3 plugins in banks. Sometimes, the CC from my controller (Akai mpk mini II) are not transmitted (while the notes are working).

It can happen on any plugin and it’s random. It usually appear at random when adding a bank. Some will transmit everything, some will transmit only notes... Notice that in this case I can use wheels from the BM3 virtual keyboard...

To have my plugin working I create new banks with the same plugin until one works fine. I then delete the abnormal ones.

I initially thought it was a setting problem but I can’t find any difference between the working and the non working tracks...

[edit] I Should had that tehereis no problem in OMNI midi mode. It appears only if I'm not in the OMNI mode and when each track is attached to a specific channel. I set the channel I want to play on my controller. The nodes are OK but sometimes, on some track tehre is no CC that can reach the plugin.

My current strategy is to only use omni mode which is not the ideal since I can't benefit from my controller ability to send Pads and keys on different channels (as for example in th eMPK mini template that you can find on this forum).

Very strange and annoying behaviour... it seems linked to the management of midi signals from the external controller (since it always work with the inboard virtual keyboard...


  • Very strange indeed.

    Unfortunately I don't have experience with the Akai controllers, but I can offer to run a few tests with my Korg midi controllers.

    Personally, I prefer working in Omni midi mode (it avoids config headaches) but I do understand that it's limiting if you want to hook-up multiple controllers.

    Have you checked to see if there are any firmware updates for the Akai?

  • Thanks for your answer.
    He’s no problem in omnibus mode. The only advantage of not using omni mode with my controller is that I can affect pads and keys to different channels. then I ça play one track with pads and one with keys without having to give it focus.

    My mpk mini mk II is up to date and is not the problem (no problem in any other software or with a midi logger) it sends every things correctly...

    Since the problem in BM3 seems random (at least I couldn’t figure out the logic of its presence) it”s a bit complicated to understand what is really the problem.I should try to see if I have the same issue with two hardware controllers each one with a diffrent midi channel...

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