downloaded Auv3 plug-in from store, not showing up in BeatMaker3

Hi Everyone,

Should Auv3 plug-ins appear in BM3 automatically once downloaded from the App Store? I have Lo-Fly dirt and fly tape but neither show up when I go to the plug-ins section. No idea what to do. Anyone else had this?

Thanks for any advice



  • Try to look at the fx in bottom left corner.

  • Thanks, nothing showing though. I feel like I haven’t done something in the bm3 settings. Literally have no clue what to do.

  • Those won't show up in the 'Plug-Ins' section as it is looking for instrument plug-ins from there.

    You have to go to a track ...
    select the 'Audio FX' icon at the very bottom left of your screen, right above 'Macros'.
    hit 'Add Audio Effect'...
    then at the very top you'll see 'Audio Unit / IAA Effect' that
    and then 'Audio Units V3' .

    They will both be under that menu under MSXII.

  • Gums! Thanks very much! Big help

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    it's worth remembering that AUv3 plugins fall into 3 categories, and this affects where you find them in BM3:

    1. AUv3 instruments (eg synths) are loaded into pads from the main plugin list
    2. AUv3 Audio Effects (eg reverb, eq etc) are loaded via the AUDIO FX chain on audio or midi channels
    3. AUv3 Midi Effects (eg mozaic) are loaded via the MIDI FX chain on midi channels
  • Somehow I never saw this ever explicitly described in any tutorials or manuals. Would have saved me a bunch of time. Thanks.

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