Save As Apple Loop saving to trash

I am new to BeatMaker 3. I have been slicing a sample and am having a problem when I export as Apple Loop. When I choose Save->Apple Loop, BeatMaker puts up a message that the Apple Loop has been saved to '.Trash/MyProjectName/sampleFilename.aif'

So the file is inaccessible. I have no idea why the file is being saved in the trash and have some concern that this indicates that the bank from which it is being exported is become somehow corrupted.


  • More details. Apparently, the reason that BeatMaker was saving to the trash was that, BeatMaker had loaded a sample from the trash. It seems that the real bug is that BeatMaker lists files in its Samples browser that have been thrown away.

    What happened was this:

    • I realized that BeatMaker had made a number of copies of a large sample file. (Probably due to my not understanding which actions cause a file to be duplicated rather than referenced).
    • In Files, I deleted all the duplicates so that the Samples folder had just one copy assuming that the next time I launched the app that BeatMaker would prompt me to find the missing file. BUT BeatMaker instead found the file in the trash and continued to reference it. So, when I saved as Apple Loop it saved into the trash.

    I think that BeatMaker should detect that a file has been put in the trash and give you a chance to recover or replace it.

    I am running into similar issues when deleting Sessions and deleting no longer used samples from sessions or the samples folder.

    They continue to be listed in the library and scanning the database doesn’t clean them up. As a result, I have a lot of files listed in the library that shouldn’t be.

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