Import audio file to track on song

Hello, I'm trying to find out how to import an existing audio file into a BM3 track in song mode directly. Of course I could put the file into a sampler, trigger and re-record it, but this is not a good workflow. I want to import like 8 audio file/ tracks from another producer to do a remix.
Thanks in advance, Ray


  • You should be able to Import from your Files app or Dropbox icon from within BM3. From there the audio files appear in the Imports folder, i believe. Then, locate the file, create an audio track and then just drag and drop into the audio track. Repeat x 8.

  • Thanks BitterGums. I think my problem was, that I tried this with samples testwise - and that didn’t work.

  • Yep, as BitterGums said..

    In Song view, create as many audio tracks as you need, then open the file browser and drag your tracks directly onto the song lane.

    Tip - This is also how you load a reference track when trying to compare your track to a pre-mastered commercial track

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