Garageband and BM3 interaction.

I've purchased BM3 and I love the app but there's one thing that I am missing: I want to use the wide array of instruments available in Garageband and I want to record (or import the recordings) into BM3. I've done quite a bit of research online on this topic and I've found out that I can't really record GB's output into BM3 (at least not directly) - not available as IAA or AU3. If I understand correctly it's not possible via AUM or Audibus either (I don't own either of these apps yet - I am willing to purchase either though if they enable me to do what I want or at least enable a workaround solution which isn't possible without them). I found a workaround that someone suggested but it's not working for me. I am hoping someone could point me in the right direction on how to start solving this problem.

This is the suggested workaround:
1. Open BM3 OUT in Garageband as IAA.
2. Load the desired instrument in Garageband.
3. Play what you've recorded in BM3 so far while recording the desired instrument in GB.
4. After recording, solo the track with the desired instrument recording in GB and export its audio.
5. Import that recorded audio file into BM3.
6. Rinse and repeat.

I really like some of the instruments in GB and that is why I am willing to go through this painful workaround (as long as my patience holds) if there is no other way. The problem is that I can't even open BM3 in Garageband. When I tap on "BeatMaker 3 OUT (Audio)" in the IAA instrument section of GB, I get the following error: "App Not Available. The Inter-App Audio app you have selected is not available at this time." So I am stuck at step 1 already and quite clueless on how to proceed. I could split step 1 into
1.1 Export song from BM3 and
1.2 Import song into GB,
but that is even more time consuming.

Is this workaround even possible? Did I miss something in my research and I can actually record audio output from GB into BM3 directly?

Any help/pointers on this matter are greatly appreciated. Thanks!




  • If you have Audio Unit Extensions or Inter-App Audio apps installed on your iPad, you can use them with GarageBand as instruments or effects.
    Yeah the Vs thing is silly. BM3 is a great app that is missing some important features for myself (AU midi record and an easy way to get midi out as tracks). NS2 is a great app that lacks a few features I would like too (mainly mini timeline, AU midi record).

    After about twenty minutes of playing and editing and sequencing BM3, it had a hard crash and i lost everything.
    I then opened NS2 and performed similar operations and you know what...that file is still up and running 9 hours later...and i don’t think I’ve bothered to save.

    You’ve created a very stable and powerful app. I look forward to going on this journey with you as it evolves and matures. Beautiful work on it. Thanks for being so active in the community with your creation and forthcoming with your plans.
    Here is the guide on that.

  • You also need to start BM3 standalone first before trying to load into any host (AB and AUM included).

  • Thanks for sharing,

  • Hi
    Now , a great news for pc user they can also use garageband on pc.

  • If you intend to open BM3 as an IAA in other apps make sure background audio is turned ON in BM3.
    (Don't know who the 'bright' person was who suggested the background audio should be off by default was but it's causing more trouble than needed especially when connecting with other apps where it has to be on in order to work).

    We'll have to see if GarageBand will play more nicely with other apps in the future but I have my doubts...

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