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Hi everyone,

Maybe this question is duplicated. I’m new in BM3 and want to use it for live performance. I need to launch samples from a midi note, and set the pad to launch the sample when note is played, but not the whole sample, only until note released.
I would like to set this up so than when I play the note then the sample starts to play and stops when I play again the note.



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    There are two solutions based on how you want this to work...

    Option 1 - set Release mode to HOLD and make sure the ADSR release is set to a very quick value.

    With this setting the sample will continue to play while you hold the pad, and will stop as soon as you release

    Option 2 - Purchase Audioveek's Midi tools plugins from the app store and load the 'Latch' midi plugin onto any pad you want latch mode enabled for.

    With this setting the first tap of the pad will start the sample playing, and the second tap will stop it.

    Here's a quick video explaining how to use the Latch plugin in BM3:

  • Cool!! Very good workaround. Thank you tk32

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