Cubasis recording into BM3

Happy New Year...joined today...
I’m sure Cubasis and BM3 were friends and could record into each other.
As Cubasis 2 is such a pain to edit audio, I decided to go back to BM3....but I’d love to record from Cubasis 2 with it’s wave effects into BM3....and I don’t want to have to export loads of audio and stems.
AUM and Audiobus not letting me do it...
Any ideas appreciated..


  • Are you trying to record audio or midi?

    You can load Cubasis onto a BM3 pad as an IAA app. Only the main output is available though, not individual tracks.

  • Thanks number37.
    You’re right that works.
    Don’t know why it didn’t before,

  • Glad it helped! B)

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