How do you purge unused / deleted session samples?

Hey guys how do you purge unused / deleted session samples? I'm not talking about my collection of samples in the Samples folder by the way. Thanks. :smile:


  • Thats a great question, that seems to be the major question. If i could easily solve this i think bm3 would take about 4 gb less space!

  • Every few months I do a cleanup where I save new versions of my keeper sessions with an ‘_col’ suffix and use the ‘collect samples’ option when saving them. This way these sessions get their own local ‘samples’ folder within them containing only the samples used by those projects. I then delete all non ‘_col’ sessions.

  • Nice tip @Audiogus

    Thanks for sharing

  • Am I correct to understand that Beatmaker 3 doesn't have a function that I've overlooked to delete unused samples/recordings from a session. I did a lot of audio takes in a project that I ended up not using. They aren't referenced by any events in the session. I'd love to have the project cleaned up. Auria Pro has a cleanup option.

    Is there anything like that in Beatmaker 3 -- or is saving as the only method?

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    Hi @easelec

    Best way to purge that I've found is...

    1. Open the project (eg "Project A")
    2. Save as with a new name (eg "Project A (final)") and tick to save samples with the project.
    3. Go back and delete the original folder and all its contents.

    Obviously.. do be careful whenever deleting anything. If you're worried, try renaming the old folder first - check your new project can still open without any missing samples - then go back and delete it properly.

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