Total Newbie in the music world needs advice for Hardware + BM3

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Good Day Folks,
so first, im a total newbie to the whole music producing scene.
I never was a fan of sitting in front of the computer and making music, so this hobby never stucked to me, cause i needed some hardware in my hand. I just did it in my head.. for years. Finally i want to transfer it to a actual device. So i stumbled across BM3 and im really impressed. I never used any DAWs on a PC and never got my hands on a DAW at all except BM3 now.
Because im so new in this whole world, i grinded building general knowledge about music production.
I now think i have a basic amount of knowledge what a sampler, sequenecer, midi signals, interfaces, etc. is but im still super confused when it comes to the details, especially Midi Controllers.

What i want to have is a controller, which i can use to minimalize to look at the ipad directly, so i will work more with the controller than the DAW itself. I also want to try out sample based beat making, so i want a setup to record from my phone, my PC or maybe even a future vinyl player i will buy.
As well i want a midi keyboard to have a feeling for what i do rather than touching a glass screen.

My question is:
Is there any limitation in Midi Controllers or Midi Keyboards i can use with BM3 on the Ipad? Do i have to look for specific specs which only work with BM3 or isnt this important at all, because in BM3 you can map Midi from any devices? Do i need a midi output on my controller or can i just plug in the usb and im ready to go? Is an Audio Interface neccessary in an Ipad Setup?

I know i need a Apple Lightning to USB3 adapter to connect a midi controller to my ipad. but is that it and im ready to map? And what do i need for sampling into the ipad? I came across these little things from IK multimedia(IRigs) but i dont quite understand which device i need for what task.

I have a few favorites i have in mind for purchasing:
Controller: Maschine MK3 Mikro
Akai MPD 218
Novation launch Key Mini3k
Sensel Morph
Keyboard: Komplete Kontrol M32
Arturia Micro Lab
Alesis V25
Would there be any problem in running one of these?

I know its much and i hope you are not as confused as i am in this moment.
I hope theres someone who can tell me a bit more about this and im sorry if this is some basic thing to ask, but i feel a bit lost :)
Much love



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    Welcome to the forum @Bath_Salty (Fabse)

    There's a lot to get through, but we've all been in your situation at some point so I'm sure everyone here will do their best to help you out.

    I'll probably need to respond to each of your questions bit by bit, so I may not be able to answer all your questions at once.

    Firstly, if your budget stretches to a Bluetooth-enabled midi controller (such as the Korg Nanostudio) you don't need any cables or adaptors. However, if you don't mind being tethered to the iPad there are hundreds of different low-power USB midi controllers you can pick up cheaper new or second hand — including all of the ones you listed above.

    Audio interfaces are not essential (I've never bothered buying one in 5+ years using the iPad for music production) but they do help a great deal for plugging external sound sources into your iPad, such as turntables, guitars, hardware synths, and microphones.

  • Well first off, of all places you could be you are here, and here is a oretty good place to be. My experience researching interfaces a few years back led me to an iconnectivity iconnectaudio4+ , but thats because i wanted to be able to swap audio and midi back n forth between two ipads or an ipad and a computer. That might be possible without this device now, but once setup, this device offers midi in and out plus the usb midi too and some line ins for a mixer........

    Controllers, the mpd line is great, but double hits with the pads reading multiple strikes is kinda a buggy issue a lot of people complain of but that happens with my beatstep too so.... anything you get from akai or arturia, you cant really go wrong with thier new stuf. That said, read the post here about the presonus atom pad controller, you might just wanna grab one of those and a keyboard. (I use a qunexus and beatstep @ home and a korg nanokey studio blue tooth controller when on the train) I would go with a launchpad or atom, or an akai mpd. The launchpads , mpds and arturia smaller keyboard with touch sliders and 8 pads, all three of these will prove extremely useful elsewhere with other software too. ( i bounce between bm3 ns2 and cubasis, i dont bounce far beyond those three as daws, which brings me to the last topic. Maschine, no , no, native instruments maschine would make an amazing controller for bm3 BUT it is NOT a " class compliment device" which is what you midi device must be to work with an ipad. So even if a controller isn't officially supporting ipads, if its class compliant you should be able to get it to work if you provide enough power. Usually you will benefit from a powered hub regardless, You number ONE will be making sure the ipad is being charged while you work, ( for me thats solved by the iconnectaudio4+ or just using the wall plug. Most people use the charging lighting camera kit i think its called.

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    Hey Hey!

    A lot of your questions can be directly answered in my BM3 videos:
    (this is actually a link to a PLAYLIST with 50+ videos)
    Happy Beatmaking! :)

    I also have 2 videos which may help you that are not in that playlist:

  • First of all huge thx for all the good advices. Im getting more and more into the subject, but its hell of work. But super stoked to get on the journey.

    @cyp3 : Is there anything like a list or so which controller are class compliant? Its kinda hard because most of the time i experience that the online stores don't always indicate them as such.

    and @DeanDaughters : thanks for the links! I must have skipped these for no reason while looking through your list before! Huge thx to your work. It was a huge knowledge boost about this specific subject. Keep on the grind!

  • i think you can't go wrong with :

    Akai MPD 218
    Arturia Micro Lab / Keystep

    each are under 100$, are a great value and pair well with BM3. The Sensel Morph as well... but a bit pricier. But can combine keys and pads in one controller .. not to mention the other slipcover things they have avail

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