Midi/Sample length

Hi everyone! I have a problem with midi/sample length control.

Assume I have a sample that is 1.5s, and I've already put it on the pad to use it as midi in my song sequence. Every time I add a note, it plays for 1.5s. If I want it to play different lengths at different bars, for example, 0.5s and 1.5s to match different grooving. Is there any way to adjust the length for a single sample play by midi? (I know I can adjust the note's length, but it always plays the whole sample no matter the note is quarter or half note.)

Thank you!



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    Just change the sample's release mode from One Shot to Hold

    Now the length of the midi note (or how long you hold the key/pad) affects how long it plays.

    Summary of release modes:

    One shot: always play the full sample, regardless of how quickly you release the note.

    Hold: only play the sample for as long as the note is on, or key/pad is held down.

    Release: don't start playing the sample until the key is released (this may sound useless at first, but is sometimes helpful when layering extra samples that you want to play at the end of the note such as the sound of a piano pedal).

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