Layering Patterns

hi, is a bug or why am i able to layer endless patterns in a lane? i wanted to record an overdub, and with every record process in the same loop area, beatmaker is creating a new pattern. i can drag and move them in the same lane. the picture show three patterns layerd. strange


  • edited January 2020

    Some people hate this feature; others love it.

    My advice is to tap the pattern stack with the lasso tool (to select them all), then press the Merge button in the bottom right to consolidate them all into a single new pattern.

  • I do not know if to love or hate! I rather would prefer to display the patterns in diffrent rows but with the same bank

  • Same here :+1:

  • That would be great. Automation rows/clips would be nice too.

  • I hate the current implementation. It’s like a decent idea that isn’t very usable, and there are some bugs with it still I believe. A breakout of multiple rows is needed for sure.

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