Sequencer and pattern don’t match

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that when I play my sequencer, the hi hat that I added by tapping the pad plays. But in the pattern page the hi hat midi notes disappear. And when I duplicate the pattern the hi hat midi notes don’t duplicate at the same time. Did I accidentally touch some button or something?



  • BTW, what’s the difference between duplicate and repeat in the sequencer page? I noticed the patterns are different (but the hi hat notes disappear both)

  • It's going to be very hard diagnosing exactly what happened (or what went wrong) without seeing a video.

    I can explain Repeat and Duplicate though...

    Repeat creates a new pattern that is linked to the original. If you modify the pattern then all repeated versions will also change

    Duplicate creates a separate copy of the pattern that it NOT linked to the original, so you can modify this new pattern (for example changing the rhythm/melody) without affecting the other patterns.

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    I wonder if you have two patterns overlapping each other, perhaps from multiple recording takes and some other unnoticed action that causes this. When you have overlapping patterns and you tap to select you are always selecting the pattern “on top” of the rest. If you use the selection lasso, you should end up selecting everything under the lasso, then you can use the merge pattern button. This is a shot in the dark tho without seeing a video or screenshots.

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