BM3 - corrupt, unrecoverable projects starting with “problem loading AUv3”

Happened 3 times now -

a group of related sessions (“save as” versions) all become totally unresponsive and cause massive lag on the OS until bm3 crashes . Starts with the message -

“Problem loading auv3 Zeeon : cannot instantiate “

When I restart the device the same behaviour replicated .

Even when I remove the instance of zeeon and save new version all projects seem to remain corrupt .

This behaviour has occurred with zeeon and at another time with perforator (but i think this is a known issue).

I am using
iPad 2019 10.2, and the projects were all stable for at least a week before becoming unusable .




  • Sorry in addition I have realised that these projects also contained audio damage Dubstation and RoughRider2 - removing these plugins and adding them again along with zeeon seems to stabilise the projects .

  • Can you share the project?

    I have all those plugins and don’t mind trying to load it on my iPad.

  • Hi tk32 , Thats very kind of you to offer , I would appreciate any insight you can offer - even just to see if the project is stable on your device .

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