SynthMaster Player sampling issue

Hi everyone,

The problem that I have is when I’m sampling from SynthMaster player AUv3, I’ll get multiple sounds for example if I tap G# then the sample recorded in Beatmaker 3 became C+G#. I tried to record C note and it did come up with only one C note sampled, but sometimes I tap on different key or change the tune it plays with two sounds again. Is it SynthMaster’s issue or I can fix it in beatmaker 3?

BTW, can the recorded samples use legato? I always failed on trying that.




  • Are you sure that you're not sampling an Arp preset in SMP?

    re: Legato...sure, but it's monophonic & it'll play additional notes from the sustain stage of the envelope. Make sure the MIDI notes overlap in the piano roll.

    Not related, but iirc, SMP may still have the sample rate issue on the newer iPads, but I don't think that's the problem here.

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