Another jungle joint. Enjoy!!!

Hey gang first jungle joint of 2020 and first tune. All done in BM3. Let us know if you're feeling it. Safe.


  • @tk32 Check this one!!

  • Yep - I enjoyed that.

    Can I make a suggestion - and don't take this the wrong way...

    I think that if you tried finishing a track (instead of releasing them as demos) you would find your music-making skills progress to the next level.

    I've read it so many times (in books and interviews online) that producers say the one thing that helped them get better was to stop making 'demos' and try to force themselves to finish tracks.

    If you never finish a track, you never get a chance to get better at things like song structure, intros, endings, mastering, artwork, track names, etc etc...

  • @tk32 Thanks for listening. Any recommendations on how I can finish it? I struggle with that you know lol. I think its about there though!!

  • Anyone else yo??

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