Bank change via midi cc using focus actions

Hi. Just joined the forum and been using Beatmaker3 live successfully for a few years now. I’ve been trying to find a way how to change banks in Beatmaker3 vía Unreal book by setting a Specific CC number to each bank by using focus actions. Basically I want to pull up a chart in Unreal Book and have it send a midi cc to select the appropriate bank in BM3. I can get the focus action setup no problem with unreal book. Even though it’s setup, the bank in BM3 still doesn’t change. I’ve tried this unsuccessfully with midi fire as well. Is this a bug? It’s obviously communicating with BM3 since I can set the focus action.


  • I should also mention that I have the banks set to the appropriate midi channel and I have the midi in ports for each bank set to all. I also have unreal book turned on as a “midi in” in beatmaker preferences

  • I haven't tested this area much, but way back when I last tried binding bank changes to midi controllers I found the best I could do was map physical buttons for "next bank" and "previous bank".

    Not perfect, I realise, but at least I could cycle through the active bank without touching the screen.

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